Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smack! As My Head Hits the Desk

I am completely worn out.  I came home from shopping with my sister and niece and called one of my other sister's on the phone and chatted with her for a bit, Gary came in from work and sat down next to me, I fell asleep on the couch.  He wanted dinner, I didn't.  I was exhausted from the heat.  The temps today were 104F!  Yikes!  Very hot and it just wears a body down. 

My trip to wally world was expensive.  I came home with 3 bags and a giant tub and my bill was $99+.  This is sad when even wally world is pricey.  I think I will be staying home more often and not going shopping. 

I stepped on a piece of glass and really didn't notice it until I saw the blood on the carpet and then I freaked out!  I can handle other people's blood, no problem but, my own and I am going ape shit.  Gary patched me up like usual and I used the saline wound spray to clean the carpet.  It got the blood out.  Which is always nice. 

Tomorrow I am staying home and hoping to clean my family room.  Yes, I have been saying this for two days but, I am going to deal with it tomorrow.  Tonight, I am going to read some on my kindle and then go to sleep. 

I did find a place to board the doggies for when we go on vacation that is completely reasonable.  Which is amazing!  They have excellent reviews.  I have to check these things out because these boys are my world. 

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