Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Skein at a Time

I am currently knitting a hat out of Berroco Keltic yarn.  I had bought it some time ago and found it in my yarn stash.  It is quite interesting looking.  I cast on 80 stitches and I am using my US 8 dpns. 

The yarn has a marled look to it and I think it is cool looking, the hubby hates it.  Oh well, you can't please everyone all of the time.  It is going up for sale in October.  I am trying to challenge myself....use as much stash yarn as I can for this.  I am not buying any yarn right now.  My stash is out of control and to save money, I am using it up. 

I thought of actually getting out my triangle loom and making up some nice shawls.  I may do it when I have more energy.  I wonder if it would look odd to take a loom on vacation with me.  I know I would get some looks packing it into the hotel room.  A 7 foot loom and stand is mighty big.  I could see their faces. 

We decided to leave Stewie at home for this trip since he has no storage area in his trunk.  I can't see out of the back with the luggage rack on him.  Gary would have to drive.  Beau has so much more room than Stewie.  We can put the cooler in the trunk, chairs, etc.  Now, here is the big question...hurricanes.  I am hoping that they stay away so, we can go and relax for a week.  Big goal. 

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