Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Should Have Known

I should have known when I washed the full bottle of sealed Tide, life was going to take an unexpected and not good down turn.  I caught a cold, and it immediately moved into my chest.  Freaking figures.  So, I have been fighting this crap tooth and nail.  I have been using my albuterol inhaler along with my albuterol nebulizer solution.  The inhaler is used when I can't get downstairs to hit the nebulizer. 

This stuff is kicking my butt.  I would think it is pneumonia but, I had the shot so, it can't be that unless it is a different strain of the crap.  Just pure misery, the hurting, the whole nine yards but, not much fever.  Amen to that.  I hate pneumonia.  The high fever, the misery, the whole body hurting, etc. 

I had to break out the promethazine just to help me sleep.  It is also helping to dry the crap up for me.  Loads of mucus...just horrible stuff. 

Yesterday, I ventured outside to pick tomatoes...we had 14 cherry tomatoes that were ready.  I haven't had any of the new crop...Gary has been at them.  I might have some today for the vitamin c.  Lord knows I could use some of that about now.  I noticed as well that one of the okra plants has one okra that should need picking today.  I am so ready for home made fried okra or better yet, okra and tomatoes.  Fabulous.  :)  Let's hope that more of the flowers will produce fruit.  I am ready. 

I also picked some more green beans. I am gathering them up for a meal.  I think we almost have enough for a meal.  Yes!  I love my garden, it is a truly wonderful thing for me.  I just hope my yellow bell peppers produce along with my carrots. 

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