Monday, May 30, 2011

Irwin will be Missed

My Polaris 360, Irwin passed on to his greater reward yesterday.  He will be missed.  After 9 years of patching him up and hoping he would last another year, yesterday was the final straw.  His bag carriage was cracked and broken but, still I could find parts for him.  Well, yesterday he had sheared off a bearing and when I went to replace it, I realized that this particular part no longer exists.  sigh!  The new bearings are bigger than his axle.  sigh!  So, he has now become parts for the new one.  He went in pieces to the deck box that holds the spare polaris parts along with pool floats, etc.  I have always tried to keep pieces of Irwin around just in case something happened.  He had new wheels from the last time I had to tear him down and take him apart. 

I had to ordred in a new one and it was so hard to part with that kind of cash right now.  Polaris 360's aren't cheap.  They are rated as one of the best pool cleaners out there but, the quality does have a hefty price tag.  I found a place that had him on sale.  Anything that costs that much and eats as much trash and crap out of the pool deserves a name.  So, when we finally do get the new one in, he will be carrying the moniker of Ernie.  I figure Irwin and Ernie are cousins and possibly at a later date might even be sharing bits and pieces. 

My poor pool cleaner.  He struggled valiently to clean my pool and he lost his life yesterday evening.  He will be greatly missed. 

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