Friday, May 13, 2011

My Hubby Cracks Me Up!

Tonight after dinner, I had to stop by the bank and deposit a check.  So, I took the short cut through the KFC parking lot and I saw it....a girl in a dress, a nice dress and her date.  He took her to KFC for dinner.  I was about to mention how weird it looked to see a girl in a dress like that walking into KFC.  Gary pipes up..."it looks like it's date night!"  I just started laughing because the next comment was a bucket of  chicken and a F____!  Come on dude, don't be so damn cheap to take her out for chicken and a F!  Spend some cash and then expect the other. 

I had to come home today from my day out with my sister and niece to make corsages and boutonairres for the awards dinner.  I also spiffed up the two big pots for the centerpieces.    I decided it needed some flair. I added the stars in the center and in the middle of the bow.  I like it.  It added some shine to it. 

I tried to teach my niece how to knit about pulling teeth, she doesn't listen.  I had to just get up and go home.  I had a headache and I had misplaced my medicine.  I found my meds at home.  I am telling you, that velcro shirt needs to be made soon the way I keep losing stuff. 

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