Monday, May 23, 2011

Something in the Air

I woke up this morning, hacking up the lungs...great something new and awful in the air.  It is so dry here and the wind constantly blows but, it isn't a forgiving wind, it is a nasty drying wind.  It needs to leave and we need rain, badly. 

I have been going up and down the stairs since I am doing laundry today.  I have the whites in the washer right now and I had to re-run them since they reek of bleach.  I hate that smell. 

I am writing a new sock pattern and I went to check to see what new patterns socks squared group has and well, this month's vote is a hard one.  I chose to vote for the Ankle Arches Socks by Susan Meredith Pacheco.  It looks really cool.  I have the yarn as well.  I just refuse to knit with US 0-2 needles.  Socks are meant to be knit with US 3s in my book.  Stubborn and to the point is how I am. 

I also printed out En Pointe Socks by Barclay A. Dunn.  They are quite unique looking even thought they are toe to cuff socks.  I hardly knit this kind of sock anymore.  I have no idea which one will win. 

I have to cook dinner is taco night.  I have to get off of my butt and take care of it.  I thought of doing chili pie but, nah, it just doesn't sound good at all. 

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