Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making Center Pieces for my Awards Dinner

I have been painting pots and making my center pieces for the tables at our chapter awards dinner.  I finished them all and the next thing, I have to make the buttonaires for the boys who are winning awards.  I am still waiting to see if the girl will be coming or not since I will have to make her a corsage.  I am saving money by making all this stuff. 

I love the big red pot with the little blue, red, and white flowers.  I am thinking of painting more pots this color and finding some fake geramiums for it.  I recycled some of the flowers from last years centerpieces.  The two big pots were from last year as well.  I found the ribbon at the local craft store and I made the bows today.  I have to see if I can find all of my white table cloths, I use them for craft fairs, too and some of them are really stained up.  One of them has blood on it from my MIL cutting herself badly with a pair of scissors and I have to read up on how to get it out besides bleach.  I have no idea if the tablecloths will melt with bleach use or not.  sigh! 

I am tired and my right foot has started to itch...dang!  I hope it hasn't spread to that foot now, that would suck.  Maybe it is an ant bite and that is bad enough but, the other is worse.  :( 

We are looking at going on vacation this year.   We both said the beach in Texas.  I think we might be headed to North Padre Island.  Yay!  Peace and quiet with the dogs headed to the boarders.  They are going on vacation, too. 

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