Monday, May 16, 2011

Excuse Me, Yes, You!

Today I was going to be good and get the laundry done and then I received the phone sister, Melinda called to ask if I would go shopping with her.  I don't turn down shopping way.  So, she tells me to bring along the DAR stuff we have to deal with.  Okay, no problem.  Then it hits me...tomorrow night is the award's night at one of the schools that our chapter sponsors.  I have to make the awards and then I will be presenting said awards at the school.  Holy Smoke! 

I am so glad that I had gone clothes shopping with her last week, I was able to update my wardrobe with one new outfit and then some blouses that I can wear with my nice black skirt. 

We hit the store and we were cracking up laughing on the aisles reading birthday cards for our oldest brother, he sent me a redneck card so, I had to find something just as appropriate for his birthday.  I found it.  I hope he enjoys it.  Then today I get a card in the mail from my niece and it made me cry with laughter so, I was okay that it was late.  She had warned me it would be late. 

I came home late and just didn't feel like cooking since it was so hot today.  I was supposed to grill a bone in rib eye but, it didn't happen.  I guess tomorrow before the awards ceremony, I will be grilling it. 

I was wiped out when I finally made it home.  I guess tomorrow, I will be working on those award certificates.  sigh!

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