Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let's Head to Lowe's

We have to go to Lowe's today for fertilizer for the yard.  I am ready for a nice trip out of this house today.  Yesterday, we did the meeting, then headed over to the movies to see Pirates, it was okay.  I wish it would have been better. 

I fertilized my garden and strawberries yesterday.  My okra is doing so amazing.  The two persimmon trees are doing fabulous as well.  I think if they put on some added height this year, they will do well to be planted in the ground this next year.  I asked Melinda if she wanted okra plants and she said she would come over to help me pick it.  Well..okay, this means I will be sharing okra with her.  If you pick, you get.  That is the family motto.  You get help from people and to reward them, they get some of the bounty.  It is only right. 

Gary grilled steak and corn last night and I made fresh green beans.  The ones out of the garden were fantastic, so sweet.  My tomatoes are out of control in the garden and growing like weeds.  I don't mind since it means more fruit when they do start production.  The corn is looking pretty good as well.  I don't know if it is going to get taller for me or not. 

I have to vacuum the pool today and get it ready for my body to be in it.  I have plans to start swimming and getting my old beat up body back into shape.  I need muscle tone like you wouldn't believe.  Maybe you would. 

I just am ready to swim like a fish in that pool.  Yay! 

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