Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finding Me...Again

I have taken up knitting again.  I know...constant knitters everywhere and well, I wasn't interested in knitting for a while there until I decided to knit socks.  Socks seem to be my forte since they do work in getting me back on track. 

I wrote a pattern and I have to knit another pair of socks in a solid color before I will release said pattern into the shop.  I dyed three skeins of yarn between yesterday and today to find the perfect color for the next pair of socks. 

I swear, things go wrong for me just because.  I didn't realize it until I turned on the sprinkler that there was yarn drying on the chain above said sprinkler.  It will have to wait another day to dry.  sigh!  I washed a full bottle of Tide laundry detergeant and I didn't realize what that thunking noise was until I opened the washer lid and there it was in all of it's beat up glory.  I has been that kind of day. 

I am still fighting the nasty stomach virus that is going around.  I want to kick the person who gave it to me.  Misery.  At least it isn't the flu, just a virus that lingers and lingers. 

I scrubbed the stove has been needing it.  I loaded the sink up for Gary once again.  He is always after me to clean the island...well, tonight his wish came true.  I cleaned the island and the stove.  It should be flooding any day now just from those two actions...I wish. 

I was outside watering my garden since everything is wilting from the heat here.  I went to see how my tomatoes are doing.  They have been needing serious water.  I looked and yep, I have little tomatoes on some and one huge one on the Cherokee purple plant.  I am so excited.  Gary is excited since he said he will finally have fresh tomatoes to eat. Yep.  I went ahead and gave the tomates some food for their fruiting efforts, pulled green beans again.  I should have enough to eat in a couple of days.  I only have two plants and that one is really producing.  Fine by me...I love fresh green beans.  yummy!  My corn needs to be fertilized and I am hoping to deal with that tomorrow. 

I have to fill the pool up and check the ph and alkalinity tomorrow.  Both are sky high right now on that pool.  Gary wants me to vacuum tomorrow and then we can break down the filter and put the other filters in.  I also need to fix Irwin once again and get him back into the pool to clean so, I don't have to do any more vacuuming.  I hate to vacuum. 

My life is getting complicated once again.  I don't like it when it is complicated, I like simple. 

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