Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feeling Better

For two years now, I have been feeling lousy and the culprit is on my left foot...I have a nasty infection.  It has been with me since my trip to the beach back in August of 2009.  The sad part of this is that this infection goes dormant and will be with me until the day I kick off.  I had been sleeping a lot lately and started feeling really awful and then the foot started to swell and itch..oh no, it was back.  Then the big toe on the right foot started acting scared me, I really didn't want this crap infection to spread over there.  I headed down to the doctor to get the cocktail.  After many antibiotics that didn't work, we had come up with a cocktail of an anti-viral and a antibiotic.  The infection in question is airborne in Texas and since it was acting like a virus, why not treat it like one?  So, I went in and let him know the usual antibiotic wasn't working...we needed to try something new for the thing.  So, he went through my chart and decided to use Clindamycin.  We have never tried it and he said he didn't like to prescribe it since it was one of those antibiotics that gave people diarrhea. 

To combat the diarrhea, I have to eat chocolate.  Oh, it is such a hardship, let me tell you!  :)  Those Godiva gems are going down great, let me tell you, they are keeping me from having to run and with a knee brace on as well since the Ody incident. 

Ody is my corgi, he is now 2 years old but, he is something of a paper pack rat, he drages things around the house and he shreds stuff.  (eye roll here)  Well, unbeknownst to me, he had packed a bag upstairs and some of my clothes had fallen on top of this slick thing.  I hit the clothes and went sliding...felt the knee tear and now I am back in the damn knee brace.  I am not wearing the big one since it needs replacing, it is all beat up and the bands are torn.  So, I am in the small one.  It doesn't work as well for support but, the big one is expensive!  It has to wait. 

Then the pool pump motor died about two weeks ago.  I ordered in a new one but, I seem to be going blind because I ordered in the wrong one.  Damn!  I had to write the company to get a RA and sure enough, I had to reorder my new pump motor.  Let me tell you a tale and you can decide what you would have done. 

I called Leslie's pool company for service.  In the past, I called, they brought the piece of equipment I needed, they installed, I paid them.  So, I called them up, told them what was going on and the girl on the phone tells me that I have to order the motor from them and when it arrives, they will come out and put it in.  So, I hung up and looked at how much a pool motor would cost...$329.  Who are they kidding?  So, I went ahead and started looking on line to see who had cheaper motors...I found the Aqua Super Center and they had the motor for $165.  The wrong one but, was cheaper.  After the realization that it was going to cost me serious bucks to return it...actually, it is still cheaper than Leslie's $329 motor.  With the new motor and seals ordered, it is still cheaper for me to return the motor and get the new motor plus seals, it is no where near that $329.  I am still coming in under $300! 

When Gary heard how much they wanted to charge me for the motor and I know it is going to cost us $100 for them to put it in..he said forget them but, in stronger language.  I asked the girl on the phone why they stopped doing it the original way and she said a lot of people get the pool guy out to their house, have the stuff installed and refused to pay.  I am thinking with this economy in such a bad way, people have lost their morals.  If I need service on my pool, I am going to pay it.  If I don't have the cash for it, then I wouldn't call.  So, for all of those people who didn't pay, the rest of us are having to go elsewhere to get their pool taken care of.  If this hadn't happened, I would have never realized that pool pump motors can be had for under $300. 

I have been writing a shawl pattern and I am putting it on the back burner right now.  I have to get ready for my awards dinner.  I am making the centerpieces for the table and I have to get the flowers done as well for this event.  I am trying to save the chapter as much money as I can.  I am using my talents for this endeavor. 

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