Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Need a Bigger Car

I loaded most of the stuff up for tonight's award dinner and I realized...I need a bigger car.  My Sky is full to the rim.  I have to load the table cloths in and my huge rolling tote bag for the meeting and then the gorgeous arrangement.  I went and picked up the arrangement at the Kroger on FM 529 and Barker-Cypress.  The florist there...Penny, she does such beautiful work.  I highly recommend her if you are in the area and you need a stunning arrangement.  She doesn't disappoint. 

I am wearing a new outfit tonight for this dinner.  I will be styling.  I just hope I can find my red shoes.  I swear, I lose everything.  If I can't find my red shoes, I will be wearing those black killers.  I hate those shoes, they are so uncomfy.  They say cloudwalkers on the inside...boy, that is a huge lie, they hurt my feet. 

I managed to get the stain out of the one table cloth.  It took me two washings to get it all out.  I used Oxy clean bags the first round with the blue gel.  The second round was more of the Oxy clean bags and Spray and wash with Resolve on the second round and that cocktail removed the blood from the table cloth.  Pretty good, I thought. 

I can't wait for this night to be over so, I can finally relax.  I am ready to relax.  I haven't even had time to knit I have been running like a wild woman. 

Tomorrow I get to pick up my family room.  It is a freaking mess.  I have yarn everywhere and fiber.  I need to get the plastic bins and just start putting it all in the bins and then packing it upstairs to my office.  I can't buy any more yarn because I will never use it all. 

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