Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Day

Today is going to be very busy for me.  I have to wait until Gary gets home from Washington state and then it is going to pick up.  We have to go and pick up our patio chair cushions...if you need some, consider Wal-Mart, they are cheapest, I have looked.  There are some hideous ones out there...purely cheap and totally hideous.  I found some I could live with that weren't too expensive...$28 a cushion is what I consider reasonable.  The pattern is tasteful.  I would have picked them up yesterday but, unfortuantely my car wouldn't work out for the cushions...try fitting 6 chair cushions into a 2 seater roadster with no trunk to speak of.  It wouldn't have been pretty. 

I guess I could have seat belted them in with the top down. 

I have a C.A.R. meeting to attend today as well.  I am going so, I can give the chapter Chaplain donation items for the state conference which she is attending.  They need as many items as they can get to raise funds for the society. 

Then I am coming home to spend some much needed time with my hubby.  I have missed him so much.  It gets lonesome without him. 

I am also working on the drowning in brown hat.  I didn't get to work on that much at all last night.  I worked with polymer clay and I have come to the realization...I suck at polymer clay.  Seriously.  I also found my toyo glass cutter and I have plans to cut glass today for the two patio tables that need new glass.  I have to dig around in my stained glass supplies to find my circle cutter.  I pulled out two sheets of glass to add to the table top.  One is a beautiful cathedral and the other is a waterglass.  I can't wait to play with them since I haven't done anything with glass in ages.  That is going to change. 

At some point in time I will have to find my soldering iron for this project.  It is in the garage in my glass working cabinet.  I have my own work bench out there...ooh awesome.  :)  I have several projects that I would love to do.  One is a torchierre lamp to match the one in the family room.  I bought the first one and since I can't afford to purchase another one, I have plans to make one...possibly.  It depends on how much time it will take up since I am short on that these days. 

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