Friday, February 4, 2011


I don't know if you have heard or not but, it is damn cold down here.  My pool filter is a block of ice.  I went out this morning to crank it up to get the water flowing through the thing.  Sadly, I don't think it worked.  Sigh! 

I have three sock yarns sitting on my desk waiting for me to wind them into balls so, I can knit socks while I veg in front of the tv.  I am not going anywhere and tonight we are having grilled lemon pepper chicken with saffron rice and green beans.  I thought that sounded good.  I have been eating left over chicken and egg batter soup for lunch these past two days.  I don't mind since it is hot.  Gary finished off the homemade chili for lunch.  I even made peach cobbler last night.  I had to pass the family recipe on to my sister over the phone and to my niece, Sabrina, via Facebook.  It is a good one.  I had to give Melinda my chili recipe yesterday over the phone.  She made some of it last night and told me it was a damn good chili recipe. It is easy.  I had thought it was my Dad's recipe but, she said no, it wasn't like his at all.  Hmm. I thought it was his and I added a few things to make it better. 

I was thinking of making the cinnamon and sugar is divine.  Another one of Mom and Daddy's recipes that all of us kids love.  Even the nieces and nephews love it.  Someone had asked me for it recently.  It is stored away in my long term memory.  Sadly my short term memory is the one that is damaged courtesy of that damn tour bus hitting our car way back in June 9, 1989. 

Now back to my sock knitting.  We didn't get snow last night, we got ice.  No fun!  Ya'll be safe and warm wherever you are. 

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