Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charity Knit Mitts

I have been enlisted to do a charty knit for a friend.  She wants to start a non-profit charity knitting business for dialysis patients.  She asked me to knit a pair of manly mitts for one of the patients who will be receiving the mitts.  So, I am looking at my stash of yarns and thinking...hmm, what can I help her out with?  I have loads of yarn around my home.  I have been collecting yarn since the first day I started knitting.  Each yarn was chosen with precision and care. stash is out of control.  So, I am knitting for this charity. 

If you want to join in, she needs mitts for both men and women.  Just e-mail me and I will give you her direction. 

What you put into what you get out of it.  I know knitters are some of the best people on earth because we all love to share our talent. 

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