Sunday, February 13, 2011

Size 3 Toddler Sock

Here is one of the little socks I finished tonight.  I cast on for the second one in the car as I was waiting for Gary to get out of the bookstore.  The yarn is Victorian Christmas and it is a merino/silk.  I love this yarn, it is so vivid.  I know Eli is going to stare at his feet for a long time with this sock.  I am using US 2 needles and my gauge is 6 sts and 10.5 rows = 1 inch. 

I have a 1 inch cuff with a 3.5 inch leg.  The heel is eye of partridge for texture and the heel is a round one.  The toe is a regular one with a grafted toe.  I like to do simple socks if the mood strikes.  I just love how well this one turned out and it looks like a big person's sock but, in miniature.  I even jokingly told Gary that I could make a bunch of these up and hang them all over my Christmas tree.  Wouldn't that just be the cutest thing? 

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