Thursday, February 10, 2011

Charity Knitting

I was asked tonight by another knitter if I would do some charity knitting for her.  I accepted and said I would do one pair of fingerless mitts for her.  She is starting a non profit group that will be knitting mitts for dialysis patients.  It is for a good cause so, my needles will be flying once I get finished with the socks I am diligently working on. 

I am on the foot portion of the second sock for Ethan and I already have the new yarn picked out for Eli's socks.  It is bright and one of my favorite yarns that I have ever painted.  I am hoping it will work out for the little guy. 

I found out recently that Eli will have to have eye surgery.  He is a downs syndrome baby but, he is the cutest guy under the sun.  I love his smile.  He has a beautiful smile.  It lights up his whole face.  He loves his feet and bright colors so, the yarn I chose is perfect for him.  It is Victorian Christmas and yes, it is one of my own.  I had started another pair of socks for him but, didn't like the outcome so, I frogged it and I will start another pair for him with the merino/silk sock yarn.  My favorite. 

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