Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's 19F Here!

I looked and it is 19F right now.  I am not used to cold like this.  I don't like it.  The power was out for a good hour this morning.  I had called Melinda and left a voice mail with her.  She never receive it since her power was out at the time. 

I am going to head downstairs to get a pot of chicken soup on for the day.  We need something warm in our tummies while this cold spell is happening. 

Ody is sleeping beside my chair right now.  He wants to go outside since he has a double coat but, he needs to understand...I don't want to open the back door for that blast of cold air to hit.  NOPE!  I have to add to Napoleon's coat.  I did a quick crochet one last night to get something on his body and now, I am going to add to it where it needs it.  He has been giving me the look of woe...I promised to make him a coat so, he wouldn't be a hound dog popsicle but, have I had the time?  NO! 

I might even get the wool blanket out of the closet and go catch a nice nap on the couch.  Love the wool blanket.  Warmth! 

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