Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finishing up Old Projects

I know this hat looks strange but, let me explain.  I have long hair and I hate to wear a hat since I can't wear my hair up in one.  I wear a ponytail everyday.  So, I decided to make Cupid, Draw back your bow a ponytail hat.  This one will not fit me, I am thinking it should sell pretty well since most younger girls wear ponytails as well.  I chose to use Cupid, my hand painted merino and I dyed the pink to go with this other yarn.  I love how well it came out since it is a truly unique article of clothing. 

I even cast on for a new hat.  This one will have ear flaps.  I am on the brim of it right now.  Yay! 

I was feeding my dogs when I moved in a direction I shouldn't have and I felt my knee tear.  Oh, the pain was horrendous.  Gary was lickety split with the ice pack and I am hoping the swelling won't be as bad as it is normally.  Here I was healing quite nicely and then this.  Grr!  I am so upset with myself over this knee.  I am so tired of wearing the brace. 

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