Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little Socks, Big Socks, I Knit Them All

I am currently working on a pair of toddler socks in size 6.  They are for my great niece, Ainsley.  I think she is going to like them because the girl loves pink.  :)  I chose to use my merino/silk sock yarn Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream hand paint.  It knits up like a dream.  It is very fast on the needles.

I am knitting this pair on US 2 Addi turbos, my go to needles for pretty much every thing.  If you can't afford a pair of Addi Turbos...there is an alternative...Susan Bates, Silvalume.  They are half the price and they work just as good.  I have two pairs in my needle stash.  I have so many pairs of needles around this house but, I use every single pair.  Some pairs have things sitting on them.  I find myself ripping out stuff I had forgotten about.  I am trying to concentrate on one item at a time these days although I do still have a chart test knit sitting around that I need to work on. 

This pair is plain stockinette since the yarn is showing off, I don't need a pattern for it.  Plus with little kids socks, they go through them so fast, there is no point in putting a design on them.  I did use the eye of partridge heel flap for some added interest.  My heel turn is a round heel, so simple and it allows me to zone out. 

More pics will follow when the sock is completely finished. 

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