Monday, February 21, 2011

What I Have Learned Today

I have learned a few things today just by watching people.  We went to Lowe's to get some items for the yard and sure enough I started to see things that indicate that people are taking the time to grow their own veggies and fruits.  I noticed this on Sunday as well.  The lady with the cart in front of mine had many veggies and herbs. 

We bought a package of seed, some black Krim tomatoes.  So, I have to plant them soon.  I also have to plant my green beans, my eggplant, and my sweet corn.  We have broccoli in the ground right now and it has the cutest little florets on it.  :)  I am eating home grown lettuce on my sandwiches every day and I love it.  I had missed this little treat ever since my Dad had passed away.  Now, I am growing my own food.  It is a great sense of accomplishment to be able to say, I grew that. 

I am also very excited about my Mr. Stripey tomatoes coming up in my Aerogarden.  I am using that little device to start my plants this year.  I have peat pots coming in soon and I can take the little tomatoes and put them in the peat pots and hopefully, this will lessen the transplant shock when the time comes for them to go into the ground. 

Gary read on line that tomatoes are going to be super pricey this year.  Along with eggplants, green beans, and bell peppers.  I have all of these items going into my garden as soon as it is last quarter.  Plant on a last quarter and it will grow big and beautiful.  Never plant on a full moon since it is a barren moon. 

Gary did take out the old hibiscus since it was dead, the frost murdered it.  So, he bought an Apache black berry and put that into the spot where the hisbiscus used to live.  I dusted the plants with Sevin dust 5%.  We had bugs.  I am not worried about the poison since we won't have any fruit this year. 

Gary added water to my pool today.  I will add more tomorrow.  We haven't had rain in ages.  I hope it will come soon.  My garden sure needs that rain water and all of the nutrients it gives the plants. 

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