Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catch Up Day

Today I am taking the initiative to get my work done.  I haven't been doing my house work like I should have.  I have had so many issues with my health and well, I am so tired of it all piling up on me.  So, today I am finally taking the time to do some of the things I have been putting off for about a year.  Today's chore...washing sheets that have been sitting on a chair in the hall.  I had washed them but, instead of folding them and putting them away, I piled them up on this chair. 

I am re-washing them and tonight Gary said he would help me fold them. 

I also want to get the boxes from Christmas into the attic today.  I am sick of looking at them.  It is time to do some serious Spring cleaning.  Tomorrow is the living room  and Wednesday will be the dining room.  I want to see a seriously clean house.  This means storing my loom elsewhere, like in my office.  I need to put my bicycle into the guest bedroom.  It needs to be out of the way.  We have no storage in this house at all.  My next home is going to have plenty of closet space.  I want one like my sister had in her house.  It was an awesome upstairs closet, we could all pile into it and play easily.  There were 6 of us who played in that closet comfortably.  It had shelves and it was amazing. 

I am also planning on cleaning up my yarn stash.  I have things to make for people and then I can take care of getting my things made for Rice Harvest Festival.  I have several plans for that.  :) 

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