Monday, March 28, 2011


I went to the drug store to buy the cat some allergy medicine, she is sick.  Poor kitty.  I spotted the bottle of chocovino as I was going down the wine aisle.  Okay, when chocolate strikes me, I usually go down the chocolate aisle.  I couldn't resist, I picked it up.  I took it to the check out and was informed that if I got a bottle, I was doing well since it is very popular with all of the women in the area.  Well...okay.  I get it home, I put it in the says to chill it.  I did.  Tonight, I grabbed a glass and had a taste just to see if I would like it.  Oh my!  It has a kick is number 1 on the list.  It is mighty tasty is number two on the list.  Number three...get your own damn bottle, I am not sharing! 

I found out something interesting, I was pretty much kicked out of knitting group.  Like I care.  I posted on the group I started that I do not have time to knit with anyone these days, I am too busy designing patterns and working on my business.  I could care less if they don't want to knit with me, I knit better by myself.  I always have and I prefer it that way. 

Gary and I took care of the pool tonight and we did a lot of maintenance on it.  He took apart the filter and scrubbed the inside out for me.  I added acid to it to get the ph down and to knock down the alkalinity, it is freaking high right now and if anyone crawls into it, they will have the hide peeled off of them.

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