Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Damn, Damn, Damn!

I slid tonight and managed to tear the knee again.  Talk about painful.  I swear this thing is really starting to tick me off.  The foot is swollen as is the leg from the knee down.  I managed this in my brace.  GRRRR! 

I got a text today from one of my oldest friends...her mom passed away last night.  I knew something had happened last night since I had a funny feeling.  Yep, it was her mom.  So, the funeral services are on Friday at 11 am in Houston.  I will be going to the service.  I picked out my flowers today and I am having them delivered. 
I spent some time out on the back porch on my porch swing.  It was nice to just sit out there and swing.  The porch is really cool right now with the coolaroo shades down...best investment we have ever made.  :)  We also have the big coolaroo over the pool, it helps keep the swim seat cool as well as the deep end and this way, I won't get burnt under it.  That is always a good thing. 

I had to order in dry acid today since my ph and alkalinity are off of the charts.  I haven't messed with that pool at all over the winter.  I keep it running since I positively hate green water and slime everywhere.  Never again. 

I have 1 inch okra plants coming up in my aerogarden.  I am so excited!  I love fried okra.  So tasty!  Gary isn't a fan of it.  Oh well, his tough luck.  I think tomorrow is more of the back yard cleaning along with fertilizing the corn and the green beans.  I also want to fertilize my strawberries.  I have food for all three items.  We also need to plant the peat pots of tomatoes into the ground, it is time.  :) 

I am completely worn out from running around taking care of things today.  I haven't been this busy in such a long time.  I am going to sleep well tonight! 

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