Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Have Been Remiss

So, I haven't posted in ages.  Sorry, I have been super busy.  I finished my mitts for Mitts of Steal and they are going to be mailed out today.  What have I been doing, you ask?  Well, I am designing patterns right now and knitting them.  I have a huge festival in October and I am trying to get my stock ready for that.  I am in full knitting mode and designing mode right now.  So, if you don't hear from me...this is probably why. 

Top photo is the back side of my mitts, the middle pic is the palm and the last pic is the mitts front and back.  I chose to do a Selbu rose pattern.  I improvised the palm and the thumb.  I als realized that I might need to re-write this pattern some since there are some really long floats which if you don't knit, you have no idea what I am talking about, long strands of yarn that go from one part of the knitting to the other.  I had to cut them and tie them off inside so, the person who gets these mitts can wear them without having to deal with the threads. 
  I chose to use pea pod and regal for this mitt.  I am thinking of offering this pattern up for sale.  I just have to fix a few bugs and then it should all be ready for sale.  :) 
  Today I have tomatoes to transplant and then I have to move some tiny tomato plants to my big Aerogarden.  I have eggplants to do the same with.  Then I will be working on my new pattern. 

I also have to plan my agenda for my March meeting.  There is just so much to do right now that I am about to pull my hair out and then some woman said something to me about knitting socks.  Hell, who has time to knit socks right now?  If you want a pair, they are going to cost you some serious cash.  Right now, if you want a pair of socks out of me, be prepared to pay $50 for them.  Seriously.  I have to do so many other things and my time is at a premium.  I am well worth the $50.  Anything else knit, go up from the $50.  My baseline for pricing is $50 right now.  Don't like it, learn to knit them yourself. 

Ever want to run screaming into the night?  I want to go screaming down the highway in my car.  It helps to put the top down and just drive. 

Now off to take care of what needs doing around here. 

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