Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sick Kitty

Well, my cat is still sick but, she is looking better, she gives me the "I hate you" stare which means she is feeling a lot better.  She hates the liquid antihistamine I have to give her.  She runs from me when she sees me with the syringe.  Well, if you have to give a cat meds...the syringe is the easiest....I don't even go for the mouth, did you know that it can be applied to her fur and she still gets it since it soaks into her skin?  Great thing I found out one day.  So, she runs when she sees me now with it in my hands.  I get the "oh shit, here she comes with it", look.  I am relentless in trying to get her well. 

I am washing clothes for day 2.  Gary was washing sheets and other things for me.  He is a pretty good hubby at times.  Other times he makes me nuts.  You know, the typical normal marriage.  Sometimes I just want to whip off my shoe and beat him with it.  He knows this.  I think I make him crazy, too. 

In knitting world...I am working on socks, a hat, a mitten, and a mitt.  Yep, I am an ADD knitter.  :)  If I would work on one thing at a time, I would be bore out of my mind.  The best thing about the hat is it is on big needles and almost finished.  The mitts and mittens are charts so, I know exactly where I am.  The socks are plain Jane's so, they are pretty easy to deal with. 

Yesterday was pool time for us.  Add chemicals, break down the filter, pull out the grids and soak them in the 55 gallon trash can.  I am waiting for the cleaner to get here.  I will add it when it comes in.  Then they can soak all that crap out of them.  When they finish with the cleaner then I can go ahead and start the spraying them down process.  That is always fun.  It is an eye opener to see what kind of nasty gunk is in a swimming pool. 

Now, Irwin, my Polaris 360 needs work.  I think the swivels on his line are dead, once again.  I know it is time for hose replacement.  I haven't done that in a couple of years.  I keep spit patching him together because those little guys are outrageously expensive.  Even with a body exchange, we are looking at $500+.  He is well worth it since he saves me from having to vacuum.  Vacuuming a pool blows!  When the skimmer basket on the pump fills up then I have to go run and shut the pump off so, I can work on getting the crud out of the basket.  Then I have to turn it back on and run back to make sure the line doesn't pop out of the skimmer in the wall and to make sure that the vacuum pole doesn't sink to the bottom of the pool.  In my current condition, it isn't a fun thing at all. 

I am staring at yarn on my desk and thinking of all of the things I want to make.  Fun! 

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