Monday, March 21, 2011


I have been battling my back lately.  Just when I thought it was all came back at me with a vengeance.  Damn!  Today was supposed to be laundry day like every Monday but, it didn't happen.  I woke up at an unheard of 5:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep.  I was hurting.  So, I got up and went to fix myself some breakfast and watched the morning news with my hubby.  He went upstairs to start his work day and I fell asleep. 
I got a call from our auto insurance agent and she wanted to fix the problem with the VIN on one of the cars.  We fixed it and managed to get a cheaper rate on our auto insurance in the process.  I said the magic words...the car no longer goes into Houston for work.  If you drive into Houston, they punish you.  I know why...those damn people drive crazy.  There was a time when 80 mph on Katy Freeway was considered slow.  If you didn't go their speed, they would run you down and take out your car.  I have no idea what they are doing over there now since I don't go into Houston at all.  I like life out in the burbs. 

Gary and I are both incredibly sunburned.  We were riding in Stewie all weekend with the top down.  He put the new outdoor ceiling fan in on the back porch.  The old one was killed off by hurricane Ike.  The we started to clean all the clutter out of the back yard.  We will be cleaning out the rest of it this weekend.  There is a lot of crap that has to go.  No more clutter.  That is my motto. 
I checked out my strawberry plants, they are doing great.  I put them in the ground on Friday and already they are sending out leaves.  Awesome.  We will see if they are going to be as gorgeous and as big as what was promised. If so, we are going to be in strawberry heaven over here.  Oh yummy! 

I decided to keep my damask rose where it is in the back yard and it is blooming.  It smells divine.  If I remember, I will take pictures tomorrow.  I wish there were such a thing as smell o vision because ya'll would say ahhh, with me. 

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