Monday, March 14, 2011

My House Was Shaking

This morning I got a very rude awakening, literally.  I was sleeping peacefully until my house started to shake...courtesy of some serious thunder and then kaboom...lightning striking outside my window.  It lit my bedroom up like a roman candle. 

So, then I try to get back to sleep only to realize that more was on the way.  I knew something big was coming since I couldn't sleep last night.  I was up late and then finally I managed to slip off into sleep. 

Today is laundry day and work on the mitt.  I want to get the first one completed so, I can get the second one finished, write the pattern and get it ready for sale. 

Interesting little tidbit of my friends saw my mitts I knit for charity and thught I had used needlepoint to make them.  Uh no, it is all knitting. 

Yesterday we transplanted our tomatoes and our eggplant into peat pots and put them into the garden.  We also transplanted our chives and planted them.  So, hopefully everything will be happy and sympatico out there.  We need a bigger garden for all of the things I want to plant.  :)  I have bell pepper plants coming in soon along with strawberries.  We are going to have them out the wazoo.  Oh well, I love strawberries and if the plants produce as well as we expect them, we are going to have strawberries enough for preserves.  Ooh, I can't wait.  :)  I love them fresh.  There is nothing better than a fresh sweet strawberry. 

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  1. Love your blog background:)
    The other day we had 70MPH winds and it uprooted giant trees and threw rocks and sand so hard my hubby had to get 3 windows in his car replaced the weather has been crazy lately.((((Hugs))))Darcy