Friday, March 25, 2011

An Update

Today I will be going to a funeral for my friend's mom.  She passed away this week.  The funeral is at 11 am so, I get to drive into my old stomping grounds.  I haven't been back in a while.  It should be interesting to see who is going to be at the funeral, I haven't seen some of these people in 20 years.  It might be like a high school reunion. 

Last night we had the best DAR meeting ever.  We actually gained 4 more members.  The JROTC guys were great, they learned some things about us and we learned some things about them.  I don't think this next year we are giving them up.  They are ours.  The other chapter who had their mitts in them...can go the way of the dodo.  I think they had a good time with us. 

I am totally worn out right left foot is kicking in again.  It drives me insane.  It doesn't help that I will be walking on it today.  It bothered me all night.  I should have known it would go full blown today since it has been hurting or the past week.  It itched all night long and of course, I had to scratch it which makes it all the more worse.  Grrr! 

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