Friday, March 25, 2011

Holy Smoke Batman!

I went to the funeral today and it was very nice.  I met a lady who turned out to be a DAR as well.  She and I hit it off like a ton of bricks.  I believe I talked to her for an hour.  I found out what a small world we live in. 

After the funeral, I decided to drive down the road to my old home.  Many things have changed and some things stayed the same.  I just realized how close together the houses are in the city.  I don't like that.  After living here in the burbs life is much roomier.  Things looked smaller as well.  My old home is being cared for and the people who now own it are taking very good care of it.  :) 

I am sitting at the light at Mangum and Hempstead hwy when I get a text from Melinda, I was waiting for a train to pass, she informs me that my niece by marriage lost her dad yesterday to a massive coronary.  How weird is it to be coming from one funeral only to hear about another one?  So, I get myself moving and get onto 290 to head home.  I called Melinda to ask about funeral arrangements and flowers for the family.  We are still trying to get the gist of that seems my sister, she is older than both Melinda and I...gave Melinda her home address....excuse me?  We need to know when the burial is happening and where so, we can send flowers.  (eye roll)  It is like pulling teeth with this particular sister. 

I then went to Melinda's house since I thought we were going to purchase our flowers for this funeral...ended up working on DAR stuff and an application for her next door neighbor.  We are like the Borg, we will assimilate you.  :)  A little Trekkie humor in the mix. 

I came home only long enough to pick up Gary and head out to dinner.  We went to our favorite sit down Chinese restaurant and I ordered the chicken, so amazing!  It was so tasty. 

We then headed back this way only to stop and buy a circle cutter for his drill.  More on that later.  Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Cy-Fest and have some fun.  :)  I get to drag this damn knee brace around with my once again inflamed staph-y foot.  Monday will see my happy ass at the doctor for more of the cocktail.  SIGH! 

It has been a very long and exhausting day.  At the funeral, I was doing fine until my friend gave me a hug and we both started bawling.  She was there for me when my mom passed away and I was there for her when her mom passed away.  It is a very awful feeling to lose your mom.  If you still have your mom be thankful and give her a big hug.  I miss my mom each and every day.  Men just don't understand how important moms really are to women.  They are very important to us. 

I picked up some knitting when I got home and started helps me cope.  If I couldn't knit, I honestly think I would be on some serious meds...almost cathartic from them all.  Knittng keeps me sane and on an even keel.  I knit...therefore I am.

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