Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Feet

Yesterday I went to the Cy-Fest which is a street festival and let me tell you a few truisms about this event.  Number one is for the weather man who said it was only supposed to be 88F out there, liar!  It was 100F and let me tell you, my feet were suffering from the brunt of that heat. 
Number two is for the people who put this thing together...think ahead next time and allow for more parking spaces.
Number three is for the vendors who were rude and didn't pay attention to the people near their booths, just ignored them...I was one of those people, since I had money to spend and you were rude, you lost out. 
Number four...there was only one bench in the whole festival and I had to squeeze my poor hurting back and leg onto this thing between  several people. 

I get back to the car and I am sweaty, stinky, and my legs and back are killing me.  It was awful.  Maribeth started screaming, she couldn't take it, either and when an 8 year old is having a fit because of it, it is time to go.  Gary rode some rides with Maribeth and seeing my hubby turn several shades of green on this one ride was priceless.  I knew he wasn't going to riding it again.  Maribeth was in love with it.  :) 

Today my feet are killing me.  I have to go order a plant for a funeral tomorrow and then I can go on my merry way.  I need to work on getting the pool up to the right condition and go from there. 
Ya'll have a blessed and wonderful Sunday. 

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