Monday, April 25, 2011

And How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today I walked outside to water my garden, again.  I am keeping it alive by watering every other day or in this case, every day.  I decided today I needed to do some fertilizing on the bell pepper plants..I used rose fertilizer after reading about how the plants love epsom salt due to the high magnesium content.  So, I decided to try out the rose stuff and see how it is going to do for the little plants.  I have yellow bell peppers planted.  I also decided to go ahead and give the new mystery tomato a fertilizing. 

Mystery tomato?  Yep, we have a mystery tomato plant that we bought for 50 cents yesterday.  I planted it along with my okra seedlings and my okra plant from inside.  I had it in my aerogarden and it had a nice bunch of roots.  :)  It is planted next to my strawberries in the big pot.  Not sure if they like one another or not but, I guess we will find out. 

What really had my attention today was the fact that I realized I do have a female persimmon and a male.  I knew that their leaves were different.  The female is blooming right now and the male is not.  I was much struck by this.  The trees need to be planted in the ground next year.  I have them in huge pots right now to help them grow before we plant them permanently. My next door neighbor can't wait until we have fruit, she is biding her time.  She mentioned to me something about persimmon preserves.  I know this year, the tree is too small to fruit and I would love to see it fruit but, it needs some much needed growing time.  I am going to let it bloom out and see what happens.  If it blasts...oh well, I am not worried. 

I am hoping my lemon tree will produce again this year.  It only had one lemon this past year...due to nearly dying from the frost.  We have learned a much needed valuable lesson about covering it now.  We put in a drop light while it is covered and it helps the tree stay warm. 

The fig tree is coming back and I am hoping this year we will get fruit.  I need to see what it needs for fertilizer so, we can get it strong and ready for fruiting.  Exciting.  I am so looking forward to fig preserves...ah, heavenly. 

The black berries are fruiting right now and they are small but, it is still a sight to behold since we have fruit.  Not much to start with but, it is something.  I hope I will have enough for some blackberry kolaches.  Oh yes, the good stuff.  :) 

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