Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hotter Than What I Imagine Hell Would Be Like

Today, we headed out to the park...after getting there and realizing the place was packed with no parking, we left and went to another one.  I should have realized it would have ended in disaster...needless to say, I no longer have a pop up shelter, it was eaten by the wind.  It was in pieces by the time the wind finished with it.  So, we loaded up and did the half mile walk, or so it seemed, to the car.  I had a wooden chair this time around instead of two coolers.  I had a bag of food and my baseball cap on.  I was the one in the back of the line of people headed to the cars.  It was 90F according to the temp gauge on the car.  The weather people said that we should have a high of 87F, they lied, like usual.  It was miserable out there.  The ground was even cracking because we have had no rain at all. 

Generally, when we have no rain, it is going to be a hurricane year.  Great.  I guess it is time for us to start buying hurricane supplies. 

We came home and I sat down on the couch.  Gary went and took a nap.  I went outside to swing.  It was nice.  I came back inside. 

Gary went outside after dinner and took apart the pool pump.  It wasn't working...well, now we know why...the motor is gone.  I am sick of replacing these things.  I have to wonder why they keep going out.  sigh!  So, Monday, I will be calling the pool people and having them come out to put in a new one. 

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