Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Let the Bitch Out of Her Cage

After last week, you would think people would know not to mess with me.  I let my bitch out yesterday...I let her run free.  I am sick of people blaming for me crap.  Yep, I push back.  Deal with it. 

Today I am ready to go shopping for some lavender plants for the back yard.  I had a dream about bugs, tons of bugs.  Lavender works to rid us of bugs.  I am thinking two plants would do the trick for me.  I have the buds from a Texas lavender farm in Austin.  They sell it by the bulk weight so, I am able to get my sachets sewn.  I have more to do for an order.  I just have to get working on them. 

Saturday is Gary's party I am throwing for him.  He will be 41 on Sunday.  I decided to do a little party for him and he keeps telling me I am the party person, not him.  It is small and this should work out.  It is more of a dinner party and swimming.  We are serving brisket, German style potatoes, salad, corn on the cob, baked beans and a homemade chocolate cake.  I am making the cake for him with a killer recipe.  :)  He wants raspberry sauce between the layers and I am going to top it with chocolate ganache.  Yay! 

I haven't baked in years...I don't have the time these days. 

Currently, I am working on another pair of socks for RHF.  I finished the first pair.  I cast on for the second pair with more ugly yarn.  I swear, I have ugly yarn coming out of the wood works over here. 

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