Friday, April 1, 2011

Where is Superman When You Need Him? A Kling On Would Even Do in a Pinch!

I have reached the end of my rope, or so I thought and then I saw it, one of the ladies on my sock knitting group sent me a picture of a shawl she knit with my hand painted yarn.  It made my day because I realized that this lady loves her shawl because of my yarn.  It really brought me back.

I think I need a weekend away to help me out.  I would board the boys, have someone watch the house for me and I would go.  Of course, I would let my hubby come along since he is such a nice guy.  He does take good care of me even thought he won't let me have a roll-y ladder.  I want one of those for my next house, he keeps telling me I will kill myself.  I am a big girl I can handle myself. 

I am knitting on a sock with one of my hand painted yarns and I realized something yesterday, it isn't attractive.  It is downright ugly but, I am going to finish it because my will be the only socks to sell at RHF.  Never fails the one item we swear that will not sell...sells because let's just say it, people have hideous taste. 

I have to take care of the pool today and get it vacuumed and I have filter grids to wash.  They are ghastly right now.  Totally loaded with crud and crap.  The sad thing is that the winter grids are in the filter while the summer grids are soaking in the huge trash can.  I waited too long this past year to change the filter. 

I am listening to my hound dog snore.  He is so cute. 

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