Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking Some Much Needed Time Off

Today I have to take Bootsy to the vet, he is overdue.  Vet bills aren't cheap and well, we have been saving up for the right time to take him.  I dread that bill.  It is up there with car repair.  The magic number always seems to be $400.  Scary. 

Yesterday was a truly horrible day for me and well...I am taking time away from certain areas of my life for a while.  I need some peace in my life right now.  No more drama.  I am sick of fighting with a group of people.  The two bimbos in question need to back off or they are going to get more than they can handle.  I am sick of their stupidity.  So, I will be taking time away from there antics for a while.  I don't need them in my life.  Honestly, if I never talk to either one again, it will be too soon.  I am very good at ignoring people I don't like.  They are completely TOXIC! 

Now, for what happened last night.  As everyone knows, my left knee was finally healing.  I was doing so well, I was walking without my thing that it is.  Then last night was walking into my bedroom when it happened.  Ody had drug another thing into the bedroom and I didn't see it until it was too late...I slid and there went the knee again.  So, for my little doggie, he has to quit dragging his junk around.  I have never seen such a dog, he drags crap all over this house.  The other two boys have never done this...maybe it is a corgi thing.  I don't know.  I had to have Gary go and get my ice and I am in the short brace right now.  It has always been too big...not anymore, it fits.  Great! 

I am in a funk where knitting is concerned.  I will be working on a mitt for charity, my friend needs them badly for her cause.  I have been in a funk since my friend's mom had passed...I was about to start her a new prayer shawl when I got the really threw me off.  Here I had the yarn picked out and everything.  I was going to make her a lace shawl with one of my hand painted lace weight yarns.  Now, I am working on a pink cotton shawl for my friend because I think she needs it.  Something to help her out of her grief. 

It is such a horrible feeling to lose your mom.  It is worse to lose both parents.  I know, my parents are both gone and a day doesn't go by that I don't miss either one of them.  I have my niece, Maribeth who reminds me so much of my mom.  That girl is a hoot but, she isn't my mom. 

Then I found out one of my cousin's is in the hospital, she is unresponsive and her doctor has put her in a medical induced coma for 24 hours to see if that will bring her around.  She has no brain activity and her eyes are rolled back into her eye doesn't look good.  I am asking for prayers to help her out.  If you could spare a few, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Now, I am going to get myself dressed and put my knee back into the big brace and go from there.  I hope ya'll have a wonderful and safe Easter.  I have chocolates galore for my niece, Maribeth.  Her Easter basket is purple...what other color would it be? 

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