Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garage Sale

This morning Gary and I loaded up the car and went to Melinda's for her community garage sale.  We managed to sell all but three items and we made $23. It payed for lunch so, we were happy. 

I noticed a lot of people were seriously looking for bargains.  I think my sister, Cheryl made more money than the rest of us because she had a serious load of junk.  Most of the stuff was hers to sell.

Gary and I came home and we both fell asleep in front of the tv on the couch.  I cooked dinner and then I went outside to water everything.  I noticed that my strawberries are producing.  I had given each of the plants a tomato spike since tomatoes and strawberries are related.  My persimmon trees seem to be doing really well with the strawberries at their feet.  I am hoping we will be able to plant the persimmons in the ground soon.  I would love to use the pots for something else. 

I need to plant my basil and my okra tomorrow.  We have to go buy tomato cages and some garden dirt for the blue pot that Melinda had given me one year for my birthday.  It is a very nice blue pot. 

We ended up throwing out our old deck box and the wood rack.  Not a problem for me since we did get our money's worth out of each item.  I have to clean up the back porch tomorrow.  I think it will be garden day and back yard cleaning day. 

I also want to make meatloaf and au gratin potatoes tomorrow night for dinner.  I think fresh green beans with bacon will accompany this with some corn on the cob.  I have a huge bag of frozen corn on the cob.  It was on sale and like I told him, it is much cheaper to boil it and eat at home than going out.  I love corn on the cob fresh out of the garden.  Fabulous stuff. 

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