Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Funeral

Well...I received the news tonight, my cousin passed away.  The funeral is on Thursday and I will be attending the rosary on Wednesday night with Melinda.  I have to go tomorrow and order the funeral spray from the whole family.  That florist down at the Kroger already knows me and this will make me one of her favorite people.  I spend more money on funeral flowers these days than on regular flowers.  sigh! 

Today I slept.  I had many naps and I am still worn out which means that either the staph is kicking back in or I am coming down with something.  I do have an infected gum but, I am dealing with it.  Peroxide is my friend right now.  I have been cleaning the gum out with it.  I also have beens swishing with good old Listerine.  It works.  It is nasty stuff but, it works..

I am currently knitting on a charity mitt out of my special skein of Shetland wool.  It is called drowning in brown and I pull it out for special items.  I had about 1000 yards of it at one point in time, now I am down to about 400 yards.  I chose to use it for someone who needs a pair of mitts that are soft yet warm.  I had it on my right hand and I can is very soft and it isn't hot like some wools.  I am hoping the new owner will adore them.  This yarn was a labor of love and I hope the new owner will enjoy them for many years to come.  :) 

One great thing about hand knit items...they last and last if properly cared for. have that cat that chews the crap out of everything.  Then forget it, it won't last.  sigh! 

I am staring at my shop tote and I really want to dig into it and have at my spring palette of yarns.  It is so hard sometimes to part with this beautiful stuff.  sigh! 

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