Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doing Better and a Little Bit Calmer

I am doing better right now.  I had to go dig in the trash outside because I was throwing away one of my plastic feet.  I went digging and there it plastic foot for sock displaying.  I brought it back inside with me. 

I am busy working on another sock.  I finished my swinger merino/silk socks...Melinda and I figured out that they are size 7 women's socks.  I don't have a foot that small, she does.  I have a 8.5 foot.  You know...the most popular shoe size out there and the one that always sells out at shoe sales leaving only the hideous ones that no one wants.  Those are the ones.  Never fails.  The ugly shoes aren't going home with me.  Nope, not happening. 

The current sock is called garter stitch heel sock. I know it sounds really plain but, for some reason it works out with my current yarn, Cartwheel.  Cartwheel is a merino/tencel sock yarn and if you have never had the pleasure of working with this yarn is a dream and it knits super fast. 


On the gusset!

At first I was a little disappointed in Cartwheel, I thought it was hideous when I first cast on but, this sock has changed my mind.  I think it is turning out to be pretty cool looking.  The garter stitch heel is unusual.  I confess I was feeling lazy at the time and didn't want to deal with a heel stitch but, I find I like the uniqueness of the heel.  It gives this sock character. 

I am writing a pattern for it as we speak.  I have written down what I have knitted up so far and it is a on the fly kinda sock. 

I like the way it is striping down the leg and the garter heel is gives the sock some much needed texture. 

It is way different from Swinger.  I let the yarn show off itself on Swinger.  It worked out.  A pattern wouldn't have worked with Swinger.  Okay, I might have used the circle socks pattern if I were giving the socks away but, since I am selling them...I couldn't use the pattern.  I need to put them together, laminate their tags for washing instructions, etc and move on.  :) 

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