Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chlorine and Lizards

Yesterday, I had to deal with my pool and I positively hate chlorine.  I get stuck dealing with it since Gary refuses to deal with it.  I had to load the in line chlorinator because for 2 weeks, I have to run my pool with a free chlorine rate of 2.  This will help set the Nature2 cartridge and make it work efficiently since I have to keep the pool in oxidize mode.  After two weeks, the free chlorine level can drop down to .5 ppm.  Which is happiness in itself since I will be using less chlorine and my water is going to be silky.  Woohoo! 

The lizards were out in force yesterday.  Nasty things, that one is a jumper and it jumped near me.  I was off like a shot.  Ewww! 

Today I have to go chop the lettuce in the soil, it is about to bolt and I need the space for my okra plant.  I want to plant another one just in case.  My pepper plants are in the ground.  I want to plant some other things if I can find the space.  Not much space in that little garden.  If I had my way, I would have a larger one.  I don't think that will happen here in the suburbs.  It won't happen as long as we have Ody, the digging little corgi. 

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