Thursday, April 14, 2011

Please God, Send Us Some Rain

Right now it is so incredibly dry here that my plants are all wilting and we have to water constantly to keep everything green.  This is Spring or so we thought, it is more like summer and we are in a complete drought.  It is terrible. 

I am asking for rain...I could care less about anything else right now...just pure sweet smelling rain.  It would be so lovely to see three days of a slow soaking rain, that would help things out around here immensely. 

Today I am cleaning out cabinets since we have a garage sale this weekend at Melinda's house.  It is their community garage sale and it sells at her house.  The customers come out in droves and help unpack cars to get at the items before their competitors. They are extremely helpful.  I am cleaning out dishes.  If I haven't used it in the past year, it is gone.  Yep, gone.  It is time to declutter the place. 

Pray for rain for us here in South East Texas, please. 

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