Friday, April 8, 2011

Spinning Wheel Repair

Tonight I was spinning some fiber into yarn and then I decided to go ahead and ply the two yarns together.  I was in the middle of plying when the leather cord that holds one of my treadles, literally, ripped apart.  Oh no!  I was in a panic...I ran into the garage and found the flax twine and repaired my wheel.  I am beginning to wonder about the quality of the cords on my wheel.  I had to replace the flax twine with a cotton cord, aka cooking cotton twine and now this leather cord died.  Pretty soon, I will have replaced all strings and cords on this thing.  I am thinking the other leather cord is going to be replaced by the flax twine as well.  I will save myself the agony of it breaking in the middle of plying or spinning. 

What was I plying..I know you are asking this...some long wool with a merino wool.  Gorgeous fibers.  I took Walden pond and spun it into a thick and thin yarn and then plyed it with Peacock that was spun into a fingering weight yarn.  I love these two colors together.  The picture does not do the new yarn justice. 

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