Friday, April 8, 2011

Helping Out a Friend

I helped out a friend today.  I hope the transaction will go through for her and the other lady involved in the deal.  She had an item for sale and needed to move it as soon as possible.  Well, I was contacted about it today.  I just let people know what is available and sure enough someone wanted this item. 

I have a talent finding things people want on the internet.  Right now, I have a trellis that I found for cheap on the internet that I am thinking I might keep and put a beautiful vine in it.  Gary will have to put it together for me and I will have to go find the perfect vine for it.  I am thinking a clematis in a beautiful red to grace it. 

Next weekend is my sister's communty garage sale and I think I have an item that needs to be picked up this weekend and taken over there.  We were going to toss it but, if I can get some cash for it, well, I am going to sell it.  Someone might want it.  :) 
Today I will be making the cupcakes and cake for the party.  I am currently washing towels and listening to ELO.  :) 

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