Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Week and Why I Refuse to Go There

I had an awful week.  I was stabbed repeatedly in the back by several people and I tore myself in knots over it.  Realization hit...I shouldn't care what people do, they are responsible for their own actions, they are big girls and can reap what they sow.  They aren't my problem. 

Then today, I got a message from one of the back stabbers wanting to take over the group I started...the nerve.  I am not going to get upset.  I have no reply for the cow in question, other than, start your own group. 

Moving on...

I went ahead and placed my entry for the RHF booths and since I am a business I wasn't able to get the cheap booths.  I know my MIL is pissed off but, what she fails to realize is that I can't mix and match booths, I can only get the one price that my business license allows.  The more expensive booth.  I suggested that she enter herself next year because she can then get the cheap booth.  I will have to take the brunt of a loss for the other half of her booth, which isn't fair to me or my business.  Melinda did suggest that she could take the other booth and pay the fee and I could share with my MIL.  I am not sure she would want to do this since she wanted her own booth this year. 

For next year, I am paying for my booth and no one else's. 

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